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Once again, our daily roundup of the big and beautiful world of Tech news, straight from the US.

Sony VAIO’s new RC-powered Media machine (engadget): A very handsome looking new media centre to dream about having in your living room.

MobiBlu ups DAH-1400 to 1600 (dapreview): Ickle MP3 player series gets upgrade to the happy world of USB 2.0 with 20 hours of battery life.

Interview with the Heliodisplay inventor (ohgizmo,via gizmodo): Listen to what the creator of the world’s coolest hologram has to say.

Rumours of the RICOH Caplio R3 (livingroom, via gizmodo): Here’s what the camera might do. If it exists.

The Archos Gmini 500 (i4u): More screenies of the neat looking media player.

Chris Cornwell
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