PSPs gone by the 2nd?


Lucky us, it looks like we get to have a replay of what happened when Sony released the PS2 in the UK all those years ago. Apparently there are 150,000 units bound for the UK with the majority having already been booked for pre-order, with only a limited amount to be kept for retail sale. As you might know, a fair few GAME branches are staying open until midnight on the 1st to sell the PSP to the more dedicated gadget freaks. GAME, which has stopped taking pre-orders (as well as Dixons and many others), has announced that they think that retail stock will go in an hour. WH Smith has told The Times that it doesn’t think it can fulfill all its pre-orders in one day.

What madness. Guess Sony don’t want a repeat of the American launch where they shipped over a million units, only to find that they had shipped more than a few too many.

via the Inquirer

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Chris Cornwell
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