Roberts Radio unveil Gemini 27


Just because the demise of traditional
radio stations draws ever closer doesn’t mean you can’t remember the glory days
of the Wireless. Roberts Radios are defined by cool retro styling plus a focus
on simplicity and now it has revealed the Gemini 27, a portable DAB set which will
rival the likes of Pure’s Evoke 2-XT. For those who are still taking tentative
steps into the digital revolution there’s also an FM tuner included. Rotary
controls enable the station selection and info is shown on the large
LCD display. Roberts Radios’ ace in the hole is the PausePlus system, which lets
you pause whatever you are listening to should anything threaten to distract
you. It will also let you rewind by double-pressing the same button and the
Gemini 27 can store up to 30 minutes of programming. For £120 this is a pretty
decent looking portable DAB and though it may fall slightly short
of the Pure alternatives
acoustically, it has a more reasonable price tag.

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