Pure has proven itself time and time again
to be a benchmark against which other DAB manufacturers should compare themselves. The
Evoke series of portable players have been a surprisingly big hit and so Pure
is about to launch the latest edition, the Evoke-2XT, an upgraded version of
the Evoke 2. Significant improvements have been made to the sound quality by
redesigning the drive units and filters. Like its predecessor it also has a line-in
to use other audio products
with, such as an MP3 player, as well as a couple of
line-out options if you want to record or boost the sound quality yet further
through a Hi-Fi. The other important alteration has been made to the battery
life, now extended to 25 hours (more than double that of its predecessor) from
C cell alkaline batteries, or you can cough up an extra £29.99 and get a ChargePAK
which can recharged from the mains and will give you about 15 hours of
playback. The Evoke 2-XT is due for release in August for the price of £149.99


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