Perplex City on its way


A new form of "Alternate Reality Gaming" (ARG) is due to hit the Internet on July 13. ARGs are games that take the form of Internet puzzles mixed increasingly with real-life/game world crossovers. From the film AI’s trail of websites to I Love Bee’s Halo 2 promotion sending players scurrying to phoneboxes all over the world, they’ve mostly so far been used as guerrilla marketing. But Perplex City is the first major attempt since Majestic by EA, to attempt to crack the stand-alone ARG. And it’s offering a £100,000 prize to the player who cracks the game first. Part of the game also works on trading cards, sold through boutiques initially in nine worldwide cities. Both ideas innovate in an already cutting-edge gaming area. Other ARG makers now wait to see if the game works.

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