JVC EX-P1 Wood Cone A/V system

Home audio, Home cinema

Only last year, JVC made a breakthrough
that made the Wood Cone speaker a possibility. Working on the theory that, for
many musical instruments, wood makes the best acoustics, it stands to reason
that a speaker could benefit from having a wooden component. The trouble was
that it took 20 years to make it work due to problems with the fragility of the
material. Having final achieved its goal, JVC put out the EX-A1 DVD A/V system,
which by most accounts sounded great and looked even better. Now JVC has revealed
an updated model, the EX-P1, still featuring the Wood Cone system but now
boasting extra support for audio formats. Aside from operating as an ordinary
DVD player via S Video or SCART, it can also play DVD-A, MP3, and WMA audio, JPEG
images and RDS radio. The speakers will put out 30 Watts of sound and there is
an optional lineout for a sub if you feel you need it. One of these will set
you back around £240 and is available now.

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