Vodafone's cheap international roaming calls

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So are mobile phone networks starting to wake up to the fact that their ludicrously expensive international roaming charges are pushing people to making country to country calls via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)? Possibly, for Vodafone has just unveiled a new international roaming tariff and it seems like a pretty good deal.

Customers pay a one-off connection fee of 75p for each call they make. After that, they will pay the same rates as they would at home. For example making a five minute call from Spain back to a UK mobile or landline using home inclusive minutes will cost just 75p compared with £3.75 previously.

The only bad news is that Voda subscribers have to set up a Vodafone Passport system and also while the tariff covers most of Europe, Australia, NZ and Japan, it doesn’t include calls to the US.

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One thought on “Vodafone's cheap international roaming calls

  • Good progress for international travellers everywhere. However, as you state, it does not cover the US. Personally, have found UK2Abroad (http://www.uk2abroad.com) to offer a good solution in the US, combining a T-Mobile pay as you go SIM and credit which allows receipt of calls on UK number for 10p/minute. J.S.

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