Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman phone review

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It’s a big day today for Sony Ercisson for as from midnight you will be able to rush down to Carphone Warehouse, or at least a couple of its central London branches, and buy the company’s first Walkman branded phone the W800i.

I have had a quick play with one – you can read the full review at The Guardian here – and I am not entirely sure what all the fuss is about.

The handset, which is basically a revamp for the rather good K750i, has loads going for it including a cracking two mega pixel camera and Bluetooth, Its music features are good too especially battery life that lets you play music with the phone off for around 20 hours – though when playing MP3s we reckon it was more like 20.

Storage at 512Mb is pretty generous too. But bizarrely for a company with such a heritage in the audio industry there are issuea with the performance of both the speakers (too soft) and the earphones (too fiddly and not great quality).

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  • Hello, what i want to know s, how do we can dowload some music or clip to the net with this phone? with out cables? I love this phone but i don’t know to dowload somme files to the net. Could you please explain me how to do?
    See you,

    Gabriel NEZEBIHOKO

  • This is a nice phone. If u listen to music via loud speaker, the batter drains quickly. and via headphones, u can listen for upto 20hrs in music mode. there r 2 mode, viz phone and music mode. In music mode, all radio transmitters will be off.
    Secondly, menu display will never slow down even if u use 1GB and utilize all the space. so no problems in this area.

    I found problems in photos and some music files. Some jpeg images and wav files will not open [error displayed: cannot playback file] though they work fine on other phones [like nokia and motorola]. The problem is in w800i only.

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