website launched

Video Reviews

A couple of weeks back we brought you news
of an interesting take on a DVR from Now the company has set up a new
website revealing more details of the system. Basically technology
lets you continuously record the entire selection of freeview channels for one week
that can then be sorted through at your leisure checking out the odd program
that catches your interest. Digital telly is carried on several multiplexes,
all of which are decoded and recorded digitally on the device’s vast internal storage,
meaning that you won’t need to laboriously set it up to record your favourite shows
like traditional recorders.

The system works in a circular format so
that the newest stuff overwrites the week old data. If you’re not going to have
time to watch something before it gets written over you can also tag it and it
will be sent to either a separate archive or an external recorder for more
permanent storage. Also revealed are more details of the channel indexer and
the multiple methods of searching through the various categories including a simple
time and day listing, alpha-numeric search, favourites and a category based filter.
The system has its own inbuilt Freeview receiver so there won’t be any need for cable or internet connections either. There’s still no indication of the release date or price yet and not even a pic
of the finished product, but we’ll bring word as we hear it.


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