Promise TV offers a week of telly

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It’s funny how, even with today’s plethora of diversely themed channels, you can never find anything remotely interesting to
watch because you’ve either missed it entirely or its only on in the middle of
the night. Since the launch of TiVo there has been a dream of having programmes
on demand, whatever you want, whenever you want and it is only a matter of time
until it happens. Wowing critics this week was Ascot based company, Promise TV‘s
take on the concept: a VCR sized box that records and indexes an entire weeks
worth of telly from every UK

channel. Not one episode of Neighbours or split-second of Big Brother will be
missed by this mega DVR which has 3.2 terabytes of capacity and is built from PC
components. The system will face some future competition, including the download
that are beginning to emerge, but Promise TV is hoping to unveil its
product as early as next month which may give it the edge over alternatives. We’ll keep you posted as more details emerge.

via CNet

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