Sony's HD assault


Sony has been ramping up its HDTV set output in the UK with a range of new plasma and LCD models. For the time being we’ll focus on the top-end W series ( for the rest check out the press release after the turn) which features a 40inch LCD (KDL-W40A12U £3800) and a 50inch plasma (KDE-W50A12U £5800) both of which sport an integrated Freeview decoder and a 100 Watt stereo amplifier as well as HDTV facilities. Interestingly the sets also feature image processing which Sony claims delivers a HD picture from a standard definition (DVD/digital TV) source. If it truly works, and I suspect it won’t be quite that good, it seems to undermine the concept of going HD in the first place though.


Sony is pleased to announce the launch of three exciting new flatscreen Television ranges.  Available from August 1st these high-style ranges offer models that are both High Definition and Digital ready so you can be sure you will be able to receive all the latest broadcast developments.

High Definition TV provides 5 x the resolution of standard TV, reproducing colour, movement and form so successfully that it is now used to film many of the major blockbuster movies. Sky will begin broadcasting in High Definition early in 2006.  Sony is leading the development of High Definition technology by introducing flatscreen TVs, camcorder products and 3LCD projectors for a fully compatible home experience.   

The first of the new ranges is the S Series, a perfect option for those consumers converting from a traditional CRT model to a flatscreen model.  The S Series comes in 19″, 23″, 26″ and 32″ screens that include a wide viewing angle and tilt and swivel screen for improved viewing.  The 23″, 26″ and 32″ S Series models are Digital ready and the 32″ is High Definition ready and features a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) than transmits digital information without signal interference. A 40″ S series screen will be launching in October. 

For classic Sony style check out the new V Series, the 26″, 32″ and 40″ screen use advanced LCD technology, while the largest V Series screen utilizes a 42″ Plasma display.

All V Series models include High Resolution image processors that emulate a High Definition picture from an standard definition source and Virtual Dolby Surround Pro Logic II for a surround sound effect. All V Series models are Digital and High Definition ready and are equipped with an HDMI interface, through this connection the V Series panels can integrate with all HD devices.

Last but by no means least is the new W Series offering two new flat screens featuring a new floating design, a 40″ LCD screen and a 50″ Plasma display making bigger pictures with highly detailed resolution a reality for the home enthusiast. Both models Digital and High Definition ready and are equipped with an HDM1 interface and feature High Definition image processors that emulate a high definition picture from any standard definition source.

The W Series also boasts a new listening experience thanks to the built in 100-watt S-Master digital amplifier.

Digital ready Television models feature an integrated digital tuner that allow the user to receive up to 30 Freeview TV and Radio channels including BBC News 24, E4, Sky Travel. Earlier this year OFCOM confirmed that Digital switchover will commence in 2006 and confirmed the regional rollout sequence for the termination of Analogue signals in the UK. This, together with OFCOM’s back-stop date of 2012 for completion of the switchover means consumers should be preparing for this now.

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