V Festival to see launch of iTunes Phone?

Mobile phones

Seems a good time to be an industry
analyst; just about any piece of unsubstantiated conjecture will happily get
reporters (like me) stirred up. Here’s another in a long line of analyses which promises
that the mysterious and highly anticipated Motorola iTunes phone will make its
debut at the V festival this summer. The fact that a representative of Virgin
, sponsors of the event,said "there is no
confirmation of when this phone will be launched" and that "it is not
being launched at the V festival"
is of little consequence.

Motorola CEO, Ed Zander made a speech on Monday, presumably to quell the baying
for the iTunes phone coming from just about every attendee, explaining that it would be
launched “on one of the 66 days left in the quarter”.
Therefore it absolutely must be at the V Music festival, because, well, it’s
got music, and it’s got something to do with mobile phones. So let’s put this
analysis to the test and if on the 20-21st August I’m proved wrong I will
happily bow down and herald industry analysts as the soothsayers of the modern

via iLounge

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