Movies to turn digital


Seems strange really: since the DVD swiftly
assimilated every kind of movie and as the MP3 rapidly becomes the adopted music medium,
almost every kind of distributable entertainment medium is turning digital. Why
then do cinemas still insist on the old analogue movie reels? This is
presumably the very same question the Digital Cinema Initiatives have been
asking for some time and now, at last, have reached an agreement that will see
an accepted digital film standard to be introduced and may mark the end for reels
in the near future. Though many big Hollywood names welcome the move there is
still some doubt as to who is going to front the bill for all the new tech that
will be needed, specifically the digital projectors that are expected to cost
between $50,000 and $100,000 a piece, not to mention the servers. Distribution
will at least be made a lot cheaper as theatres will simply download the latest
film when it is released though I assume they won’t be using P2P technology to
speed up the downloads…

via Wired News

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