The growing power of Mobiles

Mobile phones

Mobile technology has recently been performing
a new role in the news media; at the Gleneagles G8 summit/protests ITV News has
been encouraging its viewers to make a record of their thoughts and send them
in via a 3G video messaging provided by All New Video. If you manage to put
across a coherent and educated opinion then ITN editorial team may single it
out for play on the live news programme. Mobile technology is m
aking it easier
for reporters to get opinions of the general populace without having to wade
through packs of masked hoodlums to do so. Further more, Sky News’ reports of
yesterday’s tragic events in
London featured, maybe for the first time, a video shot from a mobile phone in the
underground during the incident. There were also a number of phone-camera pics on
various other news stations. The past few days have, if nothing else, showcased
the growing power of the mobile phone as a medium for communication on a scale far
beyond simply calling friends and relatives.

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