Today's top tech stories from the US


Bringing you the most exciting tech news
from the states. 

XBook Portable Media Player with
swivel-mounted 3 megapixel camera (Engadget): I whole heartedly believe that
PMPs are the best gadgets ever. 

Sniper Bass (Gizmodo): Admit it, the Pacman
was for wimps; what you really want is a bass shaped like a high-powered

Google Invests in Broadband over Power
Lines (I4U): Broadband may soon appear magically out of the power socket. Cool. 

Official Zen Sleek specs & press notice
(DAPReview): The official release is out, read up on Creative’s potential iPod

The Scarecrow motion-detecting sprinkler
system (Engadget): Brilliant, a springler that waters the plants and fends off
the local kids.

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