Orange's SPV music phone

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The British networks love affair with Windows Mobile platform phones manufactured by Taiwanese company HTC goes from strength to strength with T-Mobile due to confirm the launch of its MDA Pro 3G top-ender any day now and Orange adding a couple of HTC mobiles to its portfolio.

According to The Register the big news for Orange is that its next generation SPV smartphone is going to be billed as a music phone.

In the same way that Sendo took the bones of the X smartphone and morphed it into an X2 music phone so the SPV C550 will feature all the Windows Mobile staples (email, Outlook, Pocket Explorer) but will sport a quartet of dedicated music buttons. The device, which is codenamed Amadeus, is a tri-band model with a 176 x 220, 64,000-colour screen, Bluetooth support, 32MB of RAM, 64MB of ROM and a MiniSD slot for expansion. It has a 1.3 mega pixel camera on board too.

Orange is also going to offer the SPV M500 – aversion of the mini PDA phone that has been fairly successful for T-mobile and i-mate. We are also still waiting for Orange to officially announce its 3G SPV. There have been rumours about a product for some time now, though whether it is a 3G version that uses the existing SPV chocolate bar style design, or whether it is actually the same phone as T-Mobile’s MDA Pro remains to be seen.

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