'Fruity' ad pulls in over 700,000 hits


Wow, what do you know, semi-clad videos of
celebrity honeys pull in a wide audience; blokes are pretty transparent when it
comes to that sort of thing and this is a fact that the Everyman Male Cancer
campaign understands particularly well. So they give us the Rachel Gets
Fruity website, which consists of a video of Rachel Stevens reclining
seductively on a king-sized double bed and encouraging the viewer to grope
around their nether-regions following her instructions which she helpfully enacts
on a plum. The number of hits that this ad has drawn is great for protection
against testicular cancer which is easily curable if caught early. Personally I
thought it was creepy as hell and when she eats the plum at the end I nearly
fled from the room, but any effort to raise awareness of extremely simple
measures that can save lives if worth plugging, so go check out the site.


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