World's smallest hi-fi system

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Time was when portable hi-fi meant hugely powerful speakers, twin tape decks and a guaranteed appointment in casualty to sort out your muscle strain from lugging the beast around. Not any more though for just like the shrinking music player, mîcro hi-fi is at least matching up to its billing.

Perhaps the coolest thing about the PodGear PocketParty Shuffle portable mîcro speaker system, for the iPod Shuffle, which has just gone on ale in the UK, is that like the shuffle you can actually wear it round your neck.

It has a 1 watt of Stereo output from two tiny speakers and can run for up to 10 hours from a single AA battery. The front of the unit features a hidden green LED on/off indicator; the volume is controlled directly from the iPod.
It is on sale now for £24.99. More from here

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