Spot the robot


I like robots, I like to be afraid of robots and I like to believe that in the future they might live amongst us slowly gaining our trust so that one day they can turn against their human masters causing an apocalyptic conflict spelling the end of everything we recognise as normal life. If you should happen to be in control of formidable cyborg sent from the future to protect your destiny then it might be worth stopping by the Prototype Robot Exposition in Japan; the pics depict not two people engaged in a press conference but one human and one potential enslaver of humanity. This machine is powered by a nearby air-compressor and has a silicon skin that looks alarmingly realistic plus it can perform 31 different articulations such as fluttering eyelids, blocking slaps and pretending to breath. Android creator Hiroshi Ishiguru of Osaka University himself admits "When a robot looks too much like the real thing, it’s creepy” but its nice to see that he didn’t let that hold him back.

Akihabara News

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