Girl Gamers


The fact that there are many more blokes who play games than girls is steadily approaching falsehood. Apparently the number of female players is increasing at massive rate and for this reason the University of Abertay Dundee has put together the Women in Games conference running next month. Now in its second year, the conference seeks to explore potential improvements that could be made to the games industry to tailor it more towards female players. Having more female players is definitely a good thing, especially in online gaming when there are egos at stake, but I sense the hand of marketing at play here, will it really be a discussion of how to make better games tailored towards the female psyche or simply a way to expand the ever-increasing market for games? Gamers are already bombarded by many movie license titles and long running sequels that are really only trying to trick money from their wallets and perhaps girl gaming will be the next step; soon we’ll have supermodels and pop starlets posed in front of Xbox 360s or seductively hiding their modesty behind skimpy PS3 control pads. Yes, lets have more ‘grrl’ gamers but beware the mass consumer market.

via BBC

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