Apple to expand Shuffle?

MP3 players

There’s only one drawback to flash media players; though they are tiny and can look great, memory capacity is always very limited. Though the iPod Shuffle system helps alleviate the annoyance of arranging a new track selection every day, I don’t really believe that anyone’s music collection is so good that each random track selection will contain more than five decent songs. Fortunately for the lazier listener, recent technological advances might soon see Apple’s flash players leap forward in capacity up to a rumoured 2GB and 4GB, which means it might select anything up to, say, 10 decent tracks! There is no official word on this yet, but an ‘inside source’ has assured UK gadget mag T3 that these massive Shuffles are in the pipeline. Oh, and while we’re rumour mongering, there’s apparently an 8GB iPod mini in the works too.


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