JuicePoint über phone charger

Mobile phones

Any Gadget obsessive
will understand the need to take serious risks with multiplier plugs. The fact
is that, until someone builds a house with at least ten sockets per room, we
technophiles will probably continue to pose a serious fire risk. If you are in
the habit of appraising mobile phones or are simply fickle for the latest shiny
goodie then you may soon find you finite supply of sockets overloaded with the
myriad of charger varieties that different companies demand. Lucky then that ChargePoint
has come up with the JuicePoint, a device that can charge 5 different types of
mobile and at the same time! I imagine that ChargePoint was probably thinking
of conference rooms and hotel suites above the technology geek’s lounge but it’s
still a sensible idea. The best part is that one of these will only set you
back as much as an officially branded charger from a major phone company so that’s
got to be good value. The JuicePoint is available now for £24.99 from here.


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