3DConnexion launches SpacePilot


Sadly this isn’t about amateur exploration
of the cosmos but in fact about one cool looking gadget that can
be yours for free simply by shouting “my wrist, my wrist, I can’t move my wrist”
when your boss next enters the room. That might only work for 3D designers/artists because the SpacePilot is intended for use with CAD packages, however it is
compatible with over 100 of those, so chances are your particular software is in
there. By all accounts the SpacePilot is an extremely useful tool: it has an
LCD display that dynamically alters to demonstrate the 6 speed-key functions,
these 6 keys are sensitive to both the software being used and the function
being performed within that software, plus if you’re still not happy they can
be customised to suit your taste. There is a selection of the most useful
keyboard keys (Ctrl, Alt, Esc and Shift) more detailed view controls and a
button for adjusting sensitivity. Basically, 3DConnexion have noticed that a
mouse operates in a two dimensional manner, which is a little lacking when
operating in a three dimensional design package, and, having solved that
problem, it has thrown in every other conceivable feature into the mix as well.
It has also been scientifically shown to reduce the pain of excessive computer
use and improve efficiency, therefore, it is obvious your duty, as a highly
motivated employee, to badger your superiors day and night until one of these
is sat proudly on your desk. Though the SpacePilot is available now, there
seems to be no indication of price; my guess is very, very expensive.


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