Intelligent sun screen dispenser


It is 30 degrees out there and many pasty-faced anaemic looking Brits are already on their way to morphing into lobsters. Still, Ed Phillips, yet another of those bright sparks at Brunel University, has come up with a smart way of preventing sunburn. mytan is basically an intelligent sun lotion dispenser. It determines a person’s skin type, the sun’s intensity, the time they plan to spend in the sun and then dispenses the necessary strength sun lotion to prevent them from burning.

Users do have indulge the gadget a bit by inputting skin colour, hair colour, eye colour, quantity of freckles and colour of skin when tanned, but once this is done the information is stored for good. mytan’s inbuilt UV index sensor then measures the sun’s rays and in tandem with information about how long a person intends to spend outside works out and dispenses the necessary strength sunscreen to help people tan safely.

The inventor Ed Philips continues: “mytan is portable and small enough to hold comfortably in your hand. It alleviates the need to carry various bottles of differing strength factors and it is refillable, making it more environmentally friendly than traditional sunscreen containers. In addition, mytan holds up to one week’s worth of sunscreen and it can be easily re-filled with sunscreen sachets.”
Here’s hoping that mytan gets a commercial release soon.

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