BBC's ever so slightly dodgy radio amnesty


Here’s a story that we can’t make our minds up about. The BBC has just launched a campaign to get users to upgrade from their existing analogue radios to shiny new digital ones. The point being that as listeners have the choice of all those extra digital stations they are less likely to switch their trannie off and run off to find the Sky+ box or your PC.

However the BBC is billing it as a radio amnesty. When listeners turn up at their local store with their existing analogue radio they not only get an extra 10% off the price of a digital box, but also they’ll know that their old model will be refurbished and packed off to Somalia or South Sudan.

Presenter Nick Knowles Nick Knowles who is promoting the campaign on behalf of the BBC said
"A disused radio set, gathering dust in a spare room in Tunbridge Wells, could end up making a real difference to a family in Somalia. Every set that is traded in will help the educational projects the World Service Trust runs in Africa."
While it sounds like a grand philanthropic gesture we’d feel a little more comfortable if the deal included new FM analogue radios as well as digital ones.
Anyhow all the details are here.

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