Logitech's new Cool Fan Mouse


If you’re working in London at the moment and are currently melting in the face of this latest heatwave, then you’ll be pleased to know that no longer will you have to put up with pawing at your mouse with sweaty  palms: Logitech’s new Cool Fan Mouse has, surprise, surprise, a cooling fan built into it.

The surface of the mouse is filled with small holes allowing cool air to seep through. The mouse is also very shiny(coming with a glow in the dark cable and blue LED lighting), aways plus for a gadget. This cool little thing hooks up to your machine via USB 2.0, and is an optical job. No word on availability or pricing yet, though.

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Chris Cornwell
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One thought on “Logitech's new Cool Fan Mouse

  • Hmmm… ok, well, see, I was about to make a post on this. Then I did a little research. Turns out this is not a Logitech mouse. It’s a Logisys mouse, and it’s 1 year old.

    Hmm… don’t know what to do now… the post is already written up… Me sad. šŸ™

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