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So it’s roastingly hot and the barbecue season should be in fill swing. But you have a major dilemma as on the telly Michael Vaughan and the boys are whooping the Aussie’s at cricket and Tiger Tim roaring to his first Wimbledon title (or something like that).

Fortunately the excellently named Densitron Ferrograph has delivered a product that means you can have your summer sports and your charcoaled kebabs at the same time.

Due to launch soon is a 50inch plasma that has apparently been sealed to IP65 standards, making it entirely impervious to weather. Denistron claims that the latest flat screen technologies have been incorporated to provide a wide viewing angle, no distortion and bright picture quality.

The company is initially pitching the screens at pubs, especially those with smoking bans to enable punters to keep an eye on the action while grabbing a crafty fag. However we know of a few home cinephiles who could find a home for one too.

No news yet on price. More details after the turn.

The stylish enclosure is made from tough, extruded aluminium with a 6mm polycarbonate anti-glare screen for excellent viewing and bottle throwing vandal resistance. Densitron Ferrograph can also supply a security casing which covers the entire unit to provide complete all year round protection.

The design for outdoor use is further enhanced by the inclusion of an internal heater with a thermostat and dew sensors to protect the screen against frost and damp conditions.

Fans for both extraction and internal circulation are used to aid cooling and the environmental control system used in the screen’s electronics will not allow it to be powered up unless the temperature and humidity are within pre-set limits.

Running from a standard 240Vac supply, the normal operating temperature of the screen is between 0 degrees C and +40 degrees C at humidity levels of between 20-80%.

The electrical inputs are designed to accept armoured flex-conduit to protect both the screen and the public.

Designed to be wall mounted and operated by remote control, the screen is protected from prying fingers with a security screw access to components via a front screen sash.

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