BT and Motorola debut combined mobile/landline phone service

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Today’s big news is that BT Fusion, the much talked about service that enables users to toggle between their mobile phones and their landlines is go.

It trial is set to start soon and the service will rollout properly in September.

Basically the service uses customized mobile phones which can switch between mobile and land lines accessing the latter via Bluetooth.

So, for example if a person makes a call on their mobile while on the move, they can switch to their landline when they get home without dropping the call.

The system works using access point installed in the home, called a BT Hub, will switch the mobile phone to a broadband line using Bluetooth.

So far only Motorola has committed to delivering a phone for the service in the guise of the Motorola V560, but other makers are expected to offer handsets soon.
BT Fusion would be offered in two price plans of £9.99 and £14.99 a month. 

Though confusingly the company added that BT Fusion would enable customers to make calls to UK landlines at its off-peak landline rate of 5.5 pence for up to an hour, and 3p a minute at peak hours.
The BT hub also works as a wireless router, providing users access to PCs, laptops and games consoles wirelessly around the home.

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