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The company that brought you the internet fridge and the remote controlled air conditioning system has unveiled its latest wheeze – the talking vacuum cleaner. Launched in London today LG‘s new Cyking range includes two top of the range models (VCC402CTU and VCC402HTU) that ‘talk’ to you when the power mode is being manually altered, when the machine is turned on and when the bin is ready to be changed.

We’d like to think it could venture some interesting views about potential Spice Girls reunions and the current Chirac/Blair spat but we suspect its vocabulary is limited to confirmations that you have pressed the right button and that the vacuum is working to its maximum capacity.

As for the cleaners themselves… well if you really must you can learn about LG’s new cylinder generation and the permanent washable HEPA12 Filter after the turn.

The talking pair, and all the other models in the range go on sale in July and cost from around £200.

LG Electronics is pleased to announce the launch of a stunning new range of vacuum cleaners into its digital appliance collection. Following on from the enormous success of the LG Cyking range which was originally launched in 2001, LG is pleased to extend this range to include some of the most innovative and sophisticated technology within the digital appliance industry.

New Cylinder Generation

The new generation of cylinder cleaners features LG’s unique Dynaclean™ suction system meaning that the vacuum cleaner maintains continuous suction through the cleaning process giving you the power to transform your home with one of the most powerful cleaners on the market. The dust finder sensor registers the dust level of the surface you are cleaning and suction power automatically adjusts according to the cleanliness of a particular area.

Also featuring a washable HEPA12 (High Efficiency Particulate Filter) filter retaining 99.97% of all particles passing through the vacuum, the new Cyking makes housework more hygienic with only clean and purified air expelled into your room.

The two top of the range models in the new Cyking range (VCC402CTU and VCC402HTU) will also ‘talk’ to you when the power mode is being manually altered, when the machine is turned on and when the bin is ready to be changed so you can rest assured that your vacuum is always working to its maximum capacity.

Additional features include the Carpet Master Plus hose head, bright LED display, Silencer System and Nano-Silver hygienic dust bin, making these two models as the most technologically advanced cleaning tools in the industry. 

Standard model with remarkable features
The standard cylinder products in the Cyking range (VCC282CTU, VCC282HTU and VCC282HT) also feature LG’s patented Dynaclean™ technology. Including the permanent washable HEPA12 Filter, Carpet Master Plus, Bio Tank and LED display, these models are among the most innovative cleaners on the market and are tough enough to deal with even the dirtiest of rooms.

Upright and Up There
For customers wanting an upright model for larger carpet areas, LG has created the new LG Upright range ( VFA282HT, VFA272FT and VFA262FN) which also features LG’s Dynaclean™ suction technology making the cleaning process not only easier but also more hygienic. This innovative product also comes complete with a telescopic handle for easy manoeuvrability and storing, and a long stretch hose and mini turbine nozzle brush for reaching difficult to clean places such as stairs or alcoves. The two premium models in this range have an additional motor located in the main brush supporting the main body motor enabling you to undertake more effective and efficient cleaning.

The height of the brush itself can be altered with the seven step height adjustment system depending on what surface you are cleaning.

The power is on and on and on and on
In order to create a range of vacuum cleaners at the top of their class, LG has created the Dynaclean™ system so that the cleaners never lose suction and users can experience maximum power for the lifetime of the product. Utilising a clog free multi-cyclonic system developed following extensive laboratory testing, users will be able to feel the superior power and dust pick up of the cleaner.

The dusted air is sucked into the dust bin and circles around three different cyclonic air flows. Exterior cylinders make the suction power and dust separation more efficient whilst maintaining low motor noise.

The Cyking range will be available from the end of July and prices will vary from £200 according to the model.

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