Moto RAZR on BT Fusion

Mobile phones

We are quite excited about BT’s upcoming Fusion phone service (see here) and in particular the way it will let you use your mobile to make voice calls via your land line using Bluetooth. However we suspected that the handsets lined up for launch in late summer would be pants.

Proving us wrong is Motorola which has lined up a version of its ultra skinny RAZR handset for the service, in addition to its already announced v650 clamshell.

Apparently the Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) version of the RAZR has all the features of the original handset plus of course the Bluetooth Calls 1 system which will enable it to toggle between mobile and land line networks.

As BT says as you imagine travelling home from work, the phone rings and your conversation is in full swing.  You walk into your house the call is seamlessly passed to your landline without the inconvenience of changing handsets.

Sounds great in theory, though whether it will end up being little more than a niche product remains to be seen.

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