Vodafone's digital TV phone

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It is not just us Brits who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of digital TV via a mobile. Over in Japan Vodafone, Sharp and NHK have just taken the wraps off a phone that can receive digital TV transmissions. Phones that tune into analogue TV, along with media player style device that access satellite telly, are big news among Japan’s millions of commuters, so the slightly beleaguered Voda network has high hopes for the new handset.

As well as TV programmes users can access interactive games and quizzes, etc.

One really cool facility is that it has a multi-sectioned screen, allowing the user to watch TV as they write e-mail or use the web.

Battery life for the clamshell style handset is rated at about two hours of users are tuning into the TV.

There’s no news on a launch yet.

Bearing in mind that Sharp is Voda’s key partner for UK phones you wouldn’t bet against the first TV phones from the network – rumoured to be launching in late 2005 – looking a lot like this.

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