First Windows Mobile 5.0 phones

Mobile phones

There are no big surprises as to what are going to be the first two mobile phones to feature the just unveiled Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. Both have already been announced and both are exciting high spec models with unique features.

Likely to land first is the HTC Universal – better known to you and I as the T-Mobile MDA IV.

It is a PDA style handset with a horizontal clamshell design, really cool screen and apparently very usable keyboard. It also boasts 3G compatibility and includes Wi-Fi. I should imagine that all the UK networks will have it in one form or another and that it is likely to be a huge hit with the corporate market.

Aimed slightly more at consumers is the upright design Samsung SGH-i300 which was announced a couple of months ago at CeBIT. As you remember it includes all the traditional microsoft bells and whistles plus a three gigabyte hard disk.

You can read more about Windows Mobile 5.0 and its whizzy range of features here.

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