microsoft takes on the iTunes phone

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Shedloads has already been written about the big Gates announcement yesterday of the launch of microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0. So rather than wibble on about what we think here’s the potted version plus a few links for you to find out more.

Basically the new operating system for mobiles/PDAs offers; more flexibility to customize devices and solutions, productivity enhancements that include updated microsoft Office software and persistent memory storage for more efficient data management. It also has space for BlackBerry style push email facilities.

But the stuff you probably want to know that it is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 now which means copyright protected Windows Media Audio (WMA) files from sites like Napster and My Coke Music can be ported on to your phone, so phones that compete with the illusive Moto/iTunes handset are on their way.

Another announcement was support for hard disks, but we’d kind of guessed that anyway seeing as Samsung has already promised a hard disk based microsoft phone very shortly.

Check out the press-release here. The Windows Mobile 5.0 site here and there’s a decent round up here

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