PDD reinvents the mobile phone


Mobile phone designs, or form factors to use the wanky term so beloved of marketing managers, haven’t really moved on a great deal over the past few years. There’s your chocolate bar, your clamshell and, courtesy of Siemens, your slider.

British product consultants PDD now claims to have come up with a completely new design for mobile phones. Christened the Helix, the prototype clamshell style handset features a multi-purpose screen that can revolve 180 degrees on its vertical axis. PDD claims the advantage of this features is that when the Helix is closed and is being used as a camera or an MP3 player phone, users not only have a compact phone but they can also see a large screen. If the user wants to make a call or text they open the clamshell hinge in a traditional way and then flip the screen around. All very clever, and it’ll be interesting to see if any makers go for it. More here

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