Motorola iTunes phone; more details

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There we were starting to think that the Motorola iTunes phone was in fact vaporware so it is encouraging to hear that Moto’s CEO Ed Zander has been parading it at the D: All Things Digital conference this week.

There’s still plenty of confusion surrounding the phone. No one knows whether it will be the ROKR phone that has been spotted before at Moto events, or if it will be branded Motorola, Apple or a hybrid of the two.

It will however boast a one mega pixel digital camera (not exactly big bananas as we are already seeing two mega pixel models in the UK) and that it will have integrated speakers (just like all Moto music phones).

Must admit the whole iTunes Moto project is becoming a bit of a chore, and as for its USPs of being able to play tracks downloaded from the iTunes music store, as well as syncing with iTunes, well you can keep them. Most rival music handsets are drag and drop and we can live without the three songs we have nabbed from Apple’s online store.

Besides the big issues with music phones are likely to be storage and battery life and in both of those areas, Nokia with its four gig hard disk handset and Sony Ericsson with its W800 which plays for twenty plus hours battery will probably have the Motorola iTunes handset licked.

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