iRobot reveal Scooba


You read it here first, now iRobot has made good on its promise to bring out a counter-part to the much-loved Roomba. The Scooba can tackle surfaces that the Roomba could only dream of – hard floors! Perhaps the technical aspects aren’t the most glamorous and I’m certainly not going to dwell on the merits of the jointly marketed Clorox cleaning solution; suffice to say it’s expensive goop that goes inside the robot.

The Scooba will vacuum, scrub and dry floors for you automatically without requiring any other input from the user than pointing, maniacal laughter and shouts of “clean for me robot minion, clean!” Like its brother Roomba, we expect the Scooba to have the same clever programming, including edge-following to ensure cleaning close to walls, and sensors to avoid both wayward furniture and stairs. Further more you can set up ‘virtual walls’ using infrared beams that confine the robot to the area of your choice.

The Scooba’s arrival is anticipated around Xmas but there is no word yet on price nor specific UK availability.


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