iRobot's automated mop-bot

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Robotics company iRobot originally made every couch-potato’s dream come true when the Roomba was unveiled. Now iRobot has set its sights beyond mere vacuum functions in the new automated cleaning device.

Details on the new machine are extremely scarce; Chief Exec, Colin Angle says "It’s going to happen this year. You’ll see something new from iRobot that’s not a vacuum, we’re pretty excited about it." Hmm, clear as mud. Industry analysts are anticipating something that borrows heavily from the Roomba but whose forte lies in mopping and cleaning smooth surfaces.

iRobot also specialises in building military grade robots, but before you dream about T-1000 look-a-likes sweeping the kitchen floor, these chaps specialise in bomb disposal and surveillance and are more like those that explode on the surface of Mars than memetic-poly alloy assassins sent from the future. Pity really, I know which one I’d prefer wielding a mop.

We don’t even have a name for iRobot’s new gadget yet, but we’ll keep a look out for more details, price and availability.

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