LG's 'Revolutionary' X-Wave enhanced TVs

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Ah, the blissful feeling of having your new LG Flat-Screen TV taking its pride-of-place opposite the sofa… What the #%?! You’ve forgotten to wire it into the sound system! No matter, this LG 21" or 29" TV has the new X-Wave chip built in, capable of wirelessly transmitting home cinema quality to any existing sound system you choose as long as it has an FM receiver.

Yes, the "revolutionary" X-Wave device is an FM transmitter, which "will be marvellous news for Flat TV users searching for an economic method to enjoy home theatre quality audio" says James Jeong, president of LG UK. Mmm, we’ll all save a fortune on phono cables now. And presumably "home cinema quality" means ‘stereo’ according to LG.

More interesting is the headphone socket built into the remote, which means you can listen conveniently and without risk of disturbing anyone else. It will also mean fewer unsightly wires cluttering up the place and a boost to the limited audio power of these TVs, but sadly, like the iTrip, isn’t likely to be legal in the UK.

LG’s X-Wave enhanced Flat-Screen TVs will be available in Asian counties in March and in Central & South America in April.


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