Roaming in the right direction

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Good news for anyone who has jumped on the Wi-Fi bandwagon. BT Openzone has reached an agreement with Broadreach, which allows for roaming between the two Wireless broadband service providers at no extra cost. This is certainly a more efficient system than one which would have different companies competing in the same places; BT Openzone customers can relish the 7,800 hotspots around the UK now available to them.

Broadreach is the company behind our recent story on Wi-Fi in Little Chefs plus many of the rail, leisure and retail hotspots found in places like Virgin Trains, Travelodges and even Sainsbury’s. Company founder, Magnus McEwen-King adds "we’ve always believed that widespread adoption of Wi-Fi usage outside the home and office will only come if all of the providers involved make Wi-Fi as easy as possible for people to use"

To find your nearest hotspot check one of the following websites or or text 81041 with a postcode.

Broadreach, BT Openzone

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