Logitech hints at G-Series


Logitech recently launched the MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse, a beautiful piece of hardware designed specifically for extreme gamers. Following E3 2005 Logitech has revealed plans to continue this line of product development and release a whole range of premium dedicated gaming products called the G-Series.

Unfortunately it neglected to mention what any of these goodies were to be but Logitech´s director of product marketing for interactive entertainment, Ruben Mookerjee reassures that “The G-series products will perform expertly in the hyper-intense PC gaming environment, making gamers a millisecond faster, a half-pixel more precise, and ultimately more successful.”

Frankly anything that continues the quality of the MX518 sounds good to me and details of exactly what is being made will follow at some point over the summer. Here’s hoping Logitech come up with an Xbox Controller that doesn’t give you hand cramp in 4 hours of play…

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