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Impaq group has recently concluded a MOBILE LIFE 1 survey of what we really want from our fancy new 3G phones: an answer to the niggling questions like how important is bluetooth in a phone? How about cameras? The web? In any case, the survey is available in its full glory below, courtesy of Impaq. Top of the list for current features is, unsurprisingly, voice (good to know the mobile phone generation hasn’t been completely seduced by the dark side of techno-gimmicks), followed by SMS.

Gracing the list of tomorrow’s features are using your phone to pay parking meters and using your phone as a key, as well as a credit card. Great to know that soon you’ll be really screwed if you lose your phone.

Today’s Top Mobile Functions
1  Voice
2  SMS
3  Switching to silent mode
4  Calculator
5  Taking pictures
6  Surfing WAP sites
7  Using operator portals
8  Mobile search
9  Bluetooth pairing
10 Alert subscriptions

Tomorrow’s Top Ten 3G Wish List
1  Mobile coupon redemption
2  Parking meter payment
3  Loyalty cards
4  Season tickets
5  Credit/Debit cards
6  Flight check-in
7  Vending machine payment
8  Retail checkout
9  Marketing communications
10  Using your mobile as a key

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One thought on “What we really want from our mobiles

  • Tomorrow’s list is pretty stupid given that 9/10 come under the heading of mCommerce and all basically amount to the same thing. Where is mp3 playing capabilities?

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