Creative MuVo Mix doesn't cause much of stir

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Creative has launched the MuVo Mix, an MP3 player that comes in 64, 128, 256 and 512MB sizes and displays a shameless lack of originality. How does Creative make these revolutionary personal audio devices? Simple: take one ordinary Creative MuVo, remove the screen, include a shuffle function, et voila, there you have it. So a shuffle function eh? Hmmm, now that reminds me of a certain other popular screen-less MP3 player… and it too has a shuffle feature… now, if I could just remember its name.

On the plus side, the MuVo Mix 512MB version is set to cost $89.99, which happens to be $10 less than the Apple version, plus you don’t need to rely on iTunes. However, there is no word when the Mix will reach these shores or how much it will cost but I’d reckon slightly less than the £69 512MB iPod Shuffle.

Creative via I4U

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  • Creative were slated when the original Muvo was released because it didn’t have a screen. Now because Apple does it, everyone bills and coos about how clever and minimalist they are? What was that about fooling all the people?

  • But is that shuffling fruit-branded device just an expensive rip-off of the Muvo Value anyway? The release of this product is natural for Mr Sim, since people seem to want the rip-off version of a device he released 3 years ago..

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