PodGear Shuffle Station hits the UK

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Its been a couple of months since Tech Digest reported PodGear‘s announcement of the first speaker set and docking station combo for the iPod shuffle. But as of today the Shuffle Station is available to  UK buyers for a recommended price of £34.99

PodGear’s Shuffle Station was probably the first of its kind designed for Apple’s smallest player, which had previously been overlooked in comparison to the huge variety of speaker sets available for its larger counterparts. The Shuffle Station closely mimics the distinctive iPod design and can be powered  either from the wall or by using 4 x AAA batteries. Like most of its rivals it even folds up for greater portability. When plugged into the mains it also recharges the iPod Shuffle, so the price tag seems quite reasonable when you consider it only costs £15 more than an Apple mains charger.

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