Budget video-chat pack from Logitech


What with VoIP systems such as Skype catching on so quickly, I suppose its just a matter of time before we’re going to want to look at the people we’re talking to as well listen to them wibble. So Logitech has teamed up with  MSN to introduce a low budget video-chat package based around the latter’s £25 QuickCam Chat Webcam to help get more people into the market. The new MSN Messenger 7.0, built with Logitech’s technology, boasts the ability to provide synchronised live audio and full-screen video. And what better to do it with than a QuickCam Chat Webcam which is capable of rendering your gormless expression into a delightfully pixelated 640 x 480 resolution that your loved ones will simply adore.

There’s also a headset bundled in there too which is a thoughtful inclusion as inexperienced VoIP users can easily suffer from feedback and echoes if they aren’t careful. The device connects via USB 1.1 or 2.0 comes with a sensible 6ft long cable.

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