Skype going mobile

Mobile phones, Wi-Fi

Skype technologies co founder, Niklas Zennstrom announced in a recent Voice on the Net conference
(VON) that a mobile version of the widely adopted
VoIP software will be available later in the year. That said, it seems unlikely
that many major telecommunications companies will rush to adopt the new
application, as Skype benefits the user by allowing free telephony to other
Skype users. However, now that SkypeOut (Skype’s lowcost service that allows
connections to land and mobile lines) has hit the 1 million subscribers mark, its
corporate muscle must be growing and we could someday see a mobile version
allowing free calls between users through Wireless IP connections. Recent
mobile phone models, such as the Neonode, have started to become equipped to
connect to a Wi-Fi network, though I just can’t see phone companies clamouring
to let Skype reduce the scale of their airtime revenues, but here’s hoping…

Skype via MobileMag

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