Toshiba's 2005 TV range


Following the recent article on the progress of HDTV it is good to be able to report yet more companies revealing HDTV ready ranges and the new iDTV (integrated Digital Television) technology. iDTV capitalises on the growing momentum of Freeview services as it makes good sense to include a digital decoder into the telly rather than as a separate unit.

The 2005 product line up consists of 15 models ranging from three ‘HD Ready’ TVs in 37″, 32″ and 27″ (WL56) that use Active Vision LCD picture processing technology and will be available from May. Three more HD Ready iDTVs will be available from August in 32″ and 27″ (WLT58), with a further whopping 42″ and 37″ (WLT58) following later. Three further basic iDTVs will be available from September (WLT56) in 27″, 17″ and 17″. On top of this are two further LCD/DVD combos and four standard LCD models.

On top of the more basic 42″ plasma telly (WP56) are 3 further DLP TVs as previously reported by Tech Digest, which become available in September. And if you prefer the prices of CRT TVs then Toshiba has two iDTV models available in 32″ and 28″ (YT56), all offering 50Hz picture processing available from June as well as the plain 21″ (V53) available in May. Now that’s a lot of TVs. 

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