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Mobile phones

Its no wind up, festival time is here again and
many of us can look forward to a summer spent in mud drenched tents with
minimal access to the less-than-sanitary facilities and the only electricity
for miles is being employed only to make certain our permanent ear damage.
Though our peace loving hippy friends might love the lack of mod cons, the
modern festival-goer has discovered that mobile phones can be of huge advantage
when looking for friends amongst the crowds of bong-smoking students. But alas,
over a 3 day event one or both of these mobiles will run very short on juice,
which is where the Wind-up mobile phone charger could prove a godsend writes
sister blog Hippyshopper. Ok its not exactly that efficient: “crank for as
little as 2 minutes for approx 5 minutes of talk time” and it’ll certainly
never get your battery up to full power, but when faced with extreme conditions
this little gadget could show real merit. The Wind-up mobile phone charger is
available now for £9.95 from Paramount Zone

Parmount Zone via Hippyshopper

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