Onkyo's Stereo systems

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In a retro-technological twist that is sure to please many, it looks like good ol’ stereo is a making a come back. Onkyo has released three two-channel stereo units, in what they call the 275 series, so called because of their 275mm wide components. Leading the charge is the A-933 Amplifier unit, retailing at £499.95. It features CD, tuner, MD, tape and aux inputs, as well as an unbelievably cool moving magnetic phono stage for vinyl enthusiasts. The unit also sports a subwoofer output, and can be used as a power amplifier, with the output running at a highly respectable 80w per channel.

Next in line is C-733 CD player, retailing at a slightly lower £399.95. The CD player within, as well as playing standard CDs, comes with CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 support. Two optical outputs are fitted, as well as a host of gadgets to improve CD playback. Finally there is the T-433 FM/AM Tuner, going for £299.95 which as well as the auto-tuning radio tuner with 30 presets, comes with an alarm clock. They’ll be bringing back CD caddies next…


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