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Another solution to the age-old problem of trying to share music on portable players is being proposed by these mini-speakers, available from These little folding speakers, about the size and weight of a standard 35mm camera, are going for £19.95 and come with a built-in 27cm input cable as well as a 3.5mm gold-plated L-type input plug to connect with a portable player of choice. The unit takes 3xAA batteries, and lasts for 22 hours, giving you 2 watts of powered music. It can also be powered off an included USB cable. IPod not included.

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One thought on “Mini folding speakers

  • Hello,

    Being an avid fan of your site I see many incarnations for ipod speakers all of which in my experience are either quite expensive or a tad under powered.

    The portable speaker I use for my mini ipod is the “TDK Out loud” It’s under £20 from some sites and packs a whopping 4.5w. All my friends and family have been so impressed that we all now own one. They are cool, practical and the best thing to take on holiday and they’re very durable. Therefore I don’t have a question so much as a request.. Could you let your readers know about this amazing piece of kit – (I do not work or have ever been associated with TDK) but I believe the Out-loud deserves a bit of free publicity and others should share in my great find….

    Yours sincerely

    Matt (Gadget lover)

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