Shazam now added to Motorola phones

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You know the problem right? You listen to a song, you really like the
sound of it. But you don’t know who did, when they did it or what it’s
called. The solution used to involve you trying to remember the song,
then making a tit of yourself in front of a excessivly hip music shop guy.

Then along came Shazam which allowed you to play the tune to its service down your mobile and then it would text you its details.
Now however, Shazam has been developing a new
service with Motorola (, to embed its software into Moto handsets which
will let identify any music that you point it at.

As soon as you hear something you like, you point your phone at the source of music and hey presto, it’s tagged. Once it has been identified, your screen will come up with artist, album and track info. The technology will soon be packaged on select Motorola phones, although of course any mobile phone can use the technology now, by pointing your mobile in the right direction and dialing 2580.

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